Friday, August 3, 2007


To be effective, responders and others involved in emergency response efforts need easy, rapid access to essential data, and to be able to share it. That means implementing an approach that crosses domains, allowing responders to access the information they need when they need it, whether the emergency is a day to day or mass casualty incident.

To make this happen, the emergency services “virtual enterprise” needs to transform itself from the current stove pipe environment to a flexible, dynamic, all hazards, all domains environment before another major disaster occurs. We understand that for change to happen, all participants in this enterprise need to engage in an active dialogue about what should be done, what cannot be done, and how we can collectively achieve these goals.

We invite you to join or even start the discussion. The intended audience for this blog is anyone involved in emergency response whether from the public, NGO or private sectors. Practitioners can include representatives from fire services, 9-1-1, emergency dispatch, law enforcement, emergency medical services, emergency management, public health, healthcare and others. In addition, representatives in the information technology, communications, public policy, and military arenas as well as those from the private sector who either develop technical solutions for the emergency services enterprise or have an interest in the transformation of emergency response processes.

If you are interested in starting a discussion on a particular topic or article you have encountered, please send a note to Eileen Groell at and she will post it. We look forward to the dialogue ahead!

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